Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cayenne Gets Hitched

So, I installed a Curt Hitch on my Cayenne a few days back. I got mine from Extreme Hitch because they are local to me.

Now, this topic has been covered a lot on rennlist and 6speed.

But, my one twist was mounting the plug directly into the rear valance. This allowed me to cut a much smaller hole than is usual in the valance. It also makes hooking the wires up much easier than reaching up under the dirty valance.

To install it this way I took the adapter(the piece with the flap and mounting flange) and placed it on the valance and traced around the circumference. I then dremeled a hole in the valance and slid it through and hooked up the trailer wiring harness to it.

It then used stainless self-tapping screws to affix the mount to the rugged plastic of the valance. After I took the pics I touched up the screw heads with matte black paint.

Done. Just another option. Looking forward to maybe getting the 944 SPEC on track in August.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Labor Day Gift. 1973 Champions Forever Documentary

My gift to you is a link to an hour and a half glorious documentary about the 1973 Formula 1 season and racing.

Narrated by Stacey Keach, this is a raw and gritty look. Of interest to anyone who likes dramatic documentaries, even non car fans.

But for car fans, this is magic. How about Jackie Stewart showing you the Nurburgring line in a Corniche Convertible Rolls? Yeah, this documentary is filled with stuff like that. So, to fill the time after Monaco and before Indy 500, watch this. You'll thank me.

Or, rebuilding a gearbox on a Shadow. Or, driver's prepping for racing by putting a bandana around their face a la Graham Hill.

It is hosted by one of my fav sites, streetfire.net. You can always find something about a car you are into there.

Enjoy, and remember those who gave all for us.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New To Me Cayenne. From Texas with Love.

It didn't take me long to locate the Cayenne for me. There are lots out there, so I limited my search to V8s that were within 12 hour drives of me and WERE NOT gray or silver. And that one criteria eliminate quite a few cars.

But I found my ride at Park Place Porsche in Dallas. They have a massive used Porsche operation, and have lots of cars to choose from. They also price their cars quite competitively compared to most. So I was thrilled to find an 04 S in one of my favorite colors, deep sea blue, with only 62k miles and a new cardan shaft and aluminum coolant tubes. It is lightly optioned with only classic grey soft-look leather, sunroof, 18 inch wheels and a basic electric comfort package. All for well under $20k.

I worked with Jeff Clairmont with an assist from Michael Ferris when Jeff was away from the office. Both were laid-back, no pressure at all times. Seriously, I bought the by-far least expensive Porsche on their lot and they treated me fairly and honestly. Michael even picked me up at the airport in a Panamera S. Nice. I bought and sold lots of Porsches. But all from individuals. This was soooo much easier and more comfortable than a private party deal. I believe it has spoiled me for the future when I have to go back to slogging it out in a stranger's driveway.

My impressions of the Pepper? Love it. Power, handling and even a little comfort. Even the MPGs were not that bad, averaging 19MPG on the nose for the 11+ hour drive at speeds from 45 - 88. A lot of that with cruise control on.
I will be installing a tow bar, Park Place installed the towing electronics as part of my deal, so I can tow the race car with it. Looking forward to towing to races at more than 55MPH.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rainy Day Rarities

I am now on day-car duty because my wife cannot drive for three months. But, it gives me more time with my son, and a whole new crop of cars to spot outside of my normal commute.

Take the past two days. A Rolls Royce Corniche. Yes, they are a bit stodgy, but I like the understated style. Almost bought a hardtop version instead of my MK2. This creamy yellowy tany color was nice.

While this AM, caught sight of an Aston Martin Virage. And with Aston just announcing the rebirth of the Virage nameplate, it was a timely spotting. I like these early 90s Astons. And, they are a real value I think. You can still get them for $30-$40K. Not for long is my call.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Plaid Waggy Is Gone.

My beloved Wagoneer has found a new owner in the north. From Colorado it is going to Michigan. It served me well for two years of snow driving and race car towing.

But I was feeling the pinch of too many cars. So I sold my 82 911 Targa to Germany about a month ago. And, just sold the Wagoneer on eBay. I was shocked at how enthusiastic the bidding was. There were 4 bidders over the $9,000 mark. Wow.

But, the transport guy who picked it up said he was moving a lot of Grand Wagoneers recently. I believe they are on the cusp of becoming expensive collectibles.

So, with the 911 and Wagoneer gone, I am on the hunt for a Cayenne. I guess it is the best there is at combining the two together.

I'm looking forward to it. The MK2 and racecar and family just have me too busy to mess around with so many needy beasts.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cars & Coffee Boulder / Lafayette, CO 5/7/11

From a stunningly simple AC Bristol to an over-the-top rally Renault, this Saturday's C&C did not disappoint.

I have to say the RZ 350 is a bike I always wanted.

While the summer yellow 951 is a rare sight indeed.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Everyone Loves Before & After Pics

My wife's surgery was a terrific success.

The above image shows her brain before and after surgery. That tumor was the size of a lemon!

She is home and walking, talking, eating. Really remarkable. She will make a full recovery with no deficits.

If you have any call for a neurosurgeon, I can recommend Dr. J.P. Elliot in Denver. Nice work.

So, I may get back to posting about cars as our life returns to normal after 1 wild month