Monday, April 27, 2009

Why Racing Parts Not Yet Installed

Denver is great. I love the 300 plus days of sun. But really, why all the snow just when my parts are arriving?

Very frustrating. And yes, even though I have four cars, I have a one car garage. Very Sanford and Sons...

That is one of my Ventus RS-2 Hankooks in the foreground awaiting to be installed along with my full SPEC 944 suspension from Paragon.

Ugh, until next weekend.

Note, in this pic you can see that I did trim the support in the front air dam to allow for better airflow to the radiator. I do need to add in some mesh to protect it though.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Racing Parts. Seats.

Now that taxes are behind me. And my job has eased off a bit. I am able to get back to the P-car.

Shopping for race parts is FUN!

I've never done it before. What a blast. Picked up some camber plates on ebay. Some suspension parts from A roll cage and harnesses are coming soon. Hankook tires coming.

But the coolest part so far are the seats, OMP TRS PLUS, that I ordered from apex performance.

FIA rated so I don't need a set back brace for a few years. With FIA rated brackets, they should be secure and safe. The stripes though are perfect. Close to the German flag colors, they will look great with my red harnesses and red wheels.