Wednesday, August 27, 2008

$30k Collection The Attention Getters

Maybe you wear a monocle. Or perhaps two brightly colored but mismatched socks. Your drink of choice probably requires no less than 7 spirits to create. And you always, always, ask for a special request when ordering food at a restaurant. Even it it's Pancake house. That is because you are a person who likes to get noticed. Attract a bit of attention. You would no sooner buy a Camry or Taurus or even Porsche than buy a house in a subdivision with covenants that restrict paint color to shades of tan. And lo and behold the auto manufacturers know that people like you exist, hell the entire aftermarket industry seems tailored made to people who attract attention, so they created some products that stand out like a Dandelion on the first fairway at Augusta. And, here they are...

1996 Aprilia Moto 6.5. Lots of time to import one but only about $5k total. Even with the sucky dollar. What you get is a piece of Philipe Starck designed motoring uniqueness. While everyone else is making do with a Juicy Salif as their only bit of Starck designed paraphernalia you can actually ride your Starck. Which sounds odd but fulfilling. And to attract more attention you would need to peddle down the street on a six foot unicycle. And no unicycle I know of has a stout 45HP single with lots of low down torque. A super narrow profile for zipping thru urban traffic. Lightweight so you can teach your lady friend the joys of riding. And finally, that touch of creamsicle orange that puts a smile on your face every time to you look at. But do refrain from licking.

1992 Subaru SVX. Kick out $5k for one that runs well. A Guigiaro designed Subaru? Yes. Really. Yes. Lets start with the glass. A titanium dioxide coating on the windshield as nice but messed with radar detectors. Maybe the first Subie that needed a detector too with a 154MPH top speed from a 3.3L Boxer making 230HP. And the side windows. Sure they might only attract attention at the toll booth, but boy will those dirty-fingered money changers of the highways talk about you. The one reason this car is still cheap is that it was only available with an automatic transmission. With a 5-speed it would have chopped second off the 0-60 and been in proper sports car territory around 6.5 seconds. And with only about 25,000 of them in the US, you won't see yourself coming and going and I know how you hate that.

1991 DMC-12 Delorean. This will take your remaining $20k and get you a decent driver. Gullwing doors. Really I don't need to say more but I will. Guigiaro designed this car as well. Chap was on a rather fussy kick. Must have just bought the VHS of 2001 Space Odessy and watched it too many times. But then again, you love how Giorgetto gets you noticed. Work on your witty comebacks to disarm all those Back to the Future haters and you will enjoy your time. Most people hope for 15 minutes of fame. With a Delorean, you can turn your 15 minute commute into a daily dose of lustful eyeballs.  

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