Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NYC 944 De Blasio'd

Ahhh, NYC, already complaining about snow removal with the new mayor. 

I live in CT, so I know my country road will have some snow on it.

But that is why my 968 wears 4 snow tires.

This early 944 did not have snows on and was wisely left on the side of Hudson.

Still, makes me happy to see another 944 earn its keep by being a daily.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Moto

Moto Lita that is.

I have come across people who dig, downwardly, on Moto Lita wheels. But, after finally receiving (gift to myself) one, I disagree.

The wheel is gorgeous. Heavy. Flawlessly finished. The wheel boss and horn in black crackle finish are period appropriate. Of course, Moto Lita has been making wheels since the MK2 was new.

It is a huge improvement over my OE wheel that was cracked and had a non functioning horn button. Plus electric tape holding horn push on. It fits nicely with the sporting pretensions of a manual shifted 3.8 MK2.

I picked mine up from LBCC. Their website is ponderous, but the service and pricing great.

Overall, a nice way to pass some time while freezing rain and snow pour on down.