Saturday, May 28, 2011

Labor Day Gift. 1973 Champions Forever Documentary

My gift to you is a link to an hour and a half glorious documentary about the 1973 Formula 1 season and racing.

Narrated by Stacey Keach, this is a raw and gritty look. Of interest to anyone who likes dramatic documentaries, even non car fans.

But for car fans, this is magic. How about Jackie Stewart showing you the Nurburgring line in a Corniche Convertible Rolls? Yeah, this documentary is filled with stuff like that. So, to fill the time after Monaco and before Indy 500, watch this. You'll thank me.

Or, rebuilding a gearbox on a Shadow. Or, driver's prepping for racing by putting a bandana around their face a la Graham Hill.

It is hosted by one of my fav sites, You can always find something about a car you are into there.

Enjoy, and remember those who gave all for us.

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