Thursday, July 17, 2008

$30k Collection The Ombudsman

The Ombudsman

The Ombudsman. A great German word for someone who looks after the rights of their citizens. And the below collection of Germanic rides should help look after all your interests. Racing. Rallying. Cruising boulevards with flair.

911SC, 1978 to 1983. $15,000 Everyone should own a Porsche 911 at some point in time. And the SC is the one to go for. Gobs of torque in the 3.0 liter. Good sounds from the back end. And please, please get a coupe. That is the classic. Drive cross-country in it or autocross it. It will enjoy either and so will you.

Mercedes 220S fintail” 1958 – 1968, $6,000 Stylish, swift and quirky what with swing axles and crazy new items like safety crumple zones. The ladies will love the leather and wood interior. You’ll love twin carbs and a nifty column shift if you go for the manual gearbox.

Audi Coupe GT
1981-1987, $3,000 The affordable front, wheel drive version of the world conquering Quattros. Perfect for dashing up to Vail or parking in the seedy part of town.

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