Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Plaid Waggy Is Gone.

My beloved Wagoneer has found a new owner in the north. From Colorado it is going to Michigan. It served me well for two years of snow driving and race car towing.

But I was feeling the pinch of too many cars. So I sold my 82 911 Targa to Germany about a month ago. And, just sold the Wagoneer on eBay. I was shocked at how enthusiastic the bidding was. There were 4 bidders over the $9,000 mark. Wow.

But, the transport guy who picked it up said he was moving a lot of Grand Wagoneers recently. I believe they are on the cusp of becoming expensive collectibles.

So, with the 911 and Wagoneer gone, I am on the hunt for a Cayenne. I guess it is the best there is at combining the two together.

I'm looking forward to it. The MK2 and racecar and family just have me too busy to mess around with so many needy beasts.


longrooffan said...

Kevin: I was unable to comment last time I checked in as blogger was down. I am so glad to hear about the successful surgery your wife received! It is things like this that allow us to Celebrate Life. And those Grand Wagoneers are really becoming popular, especially in the Northeast. They are becoming the new estate cars in the Hamptons. Glad you got a good price for yours. Good luck on the search for a new tow vehicle.

Anonymous said...

That was a nice Wagoneer! Can you please tell me where you got the headliner?

Thanks Jason

Kevin Gosselin said...

Thanks Jason.

I picked up the fabric at a fabric store. You must find a lightweight cotton. Really a summer weight fabric or the glue will not hold it up.

I then took this fabric and the two piece headliner boards( i cleaned off all the old foam) to have have them mount on new foam and the headliner.

Fabric was about $100. Labor was $150.