Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miraculous(for the price) Porsche 901 Diecast

I am not one who usually goes in for diecast models, or models of any kind. A bit of clutter. A male knick knack of sorts. Something that collects dusts and does not get used or admired after the first week of ownership. Like a waffle maker in that regard.

Now. That being said, I want this CMC 1:18 scale model of the 901. It is that nice. That accurate. The wheels come off. The interior is real leather. The suspension works. On and on. This guy has a video that shows how in depth this thing is. It will be at the top of my Christmas list. Or maybe I should contact CMC and see if we could work out some sort of deal with my book. 

Pictures from and model available at


993C4S said...


I just recently received a batch of die-cast Porsche models from a friend in Italy. These cars (I hesitate to call them toys) are my first exposure to this hobby.

With the details evident in the model you featured, I can see how this hobby, for me, could quickly become addictive.

Blogger said...

Nah, I'll only be impressed if it actually starts and runs.