Saturday, May 21, 2011

New To Me Cayenne. From Texas with Love.

It didn't take me long to locate the Cayenne for me. There are lots out there, so I limited my search to V8s that were within 12 hour drives of me and WERE NOT gray or silver. And that one criteria eliminate quite a few cars.

But I found my ride at Park Place Porsche in Dallas. They have a massive used Porsche operation, and have lots of cars to choose from. They also price their cars quite competitively compared to most. So I was thrilled to find an 04 S in one of my favorite colors, deep sea blue, with only 62k miles and a new cardan shaft and aluminum coolant tubes. It is lightly optioned with only classic grey soft-look leather, sunroof, 18 inch wheels and a basic electric comfort package. All for well under $20k.

I worked with Jeff Clairmont with an assist from Michael Ferris when Jeff was away from the office. Both were laid-back, no pressure at all times. Seriously, I bought the by-far least expensive Porsche on their lot and they treated me fairly and honestly. Michael even picked me up at the airport in a Panamera S. Nice. I bought and sold lots of Porsches. But all from individuals. This was soooo much easier and more comfortable than a private party deal. I believe it has spoiled me for the future when I have to go back to slogging it out in a stranger's driveway.

My impressions of the Pepper? Love it. Power, handling and even a little comfort. Even the MPGs were not that bad, averaging 19MPG on the nose for the 11+ hour drive at speeds from 45 - 88. A lot of that with cruise control on.
I will be installing a tow bar, Park Place installed the towing electronics as part of my deal, so I can tow the race car with it. Looking forward to towing to races at more than 55MPH.

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993C4S said...

Welcome to the club. We love our "Pepper" too. Just got a nice set of 19" Turbos wheels for it. I'm think it should be much quicker now :-)