Friday, December 30, 2011

My P!g Works for a Living.

The truth is, I love my Cayenne.

I really do.

And the nastier the weather or the harder the towing and work, the more I like it.

On a sunny day, with no traffic and open road it is at its worst. It is just a fast truck. But on days you actually use it as a hard-working SUV, it shines.

And I love the looks I get from people when I load up the P!g with sheetrock at the Home-D. A week off has me knocking out a long list of small jobs.

I do admit, my right-side view was a bit compromised with this load. But oh, well.

And, for those who don't go to Rennlist forums. There is a brilliant nickname for the Cayenne.


It is the word pig with the i spelled with an exclamation point. A reference to the codes that the early Cayennes often threw, very often.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Help...I Am Stuck in My Jaguar

Nothing quite as embarrassing as having to climb out the passenger seat of your classic car in a crowded area.

'Ah, look at that poncy fellow over there, not so show boaty now!' You can imagine the crowd saying.

But, that was the situation I was in when my MK2 driver's side door didn't want to release from the inside. So, take it apart.

Removing the wood door caps was simple. Messing with the spring-loaded roll pins of the window winder and door handle less so. But, after a few nicked fingers, it all came off.

Inside, the mechanism looked fine, but it was 'hanging up' and grating. With no obvious broken parts I slathered the device in WD40 and went to go look for a replacement online.

After a few weeks of searching I could only find mediocre used items. No one reproduces the item. Oh, well. I went to go take off the release mechanism when lo and behold it worked. I guess the old part just needed some lube. So, I greased it up proper and buttoned the door back up.

Got to love free repairs.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

AC/DC's Brian Johnson a Fan of Faston

I nearly fell out of my bed last night when I was reading through the newest issue of Octane when I came across Brian Johnson's column.

In it, he launches into a discussion of high-end automotive recreations by praising my book, Hunt for the Blower Bentley.

I am usually nonplussed about such things. I've had commercials run during prime time sports and television. Seen a billboard of mine in Times Square. Even had dozens of articles published in magazines. But something about unsolicited praise from a true automotive enthusiast was just so awesome. Don't tell my wife, but no Christmas present could top this.

Well, maybe a 993 C4 in white would.

But, if you are on the fence about picking up or downloading a copy, don't hesitate now. A man who races a Lola loves it. You will too.

Whoa, baby baby Thunderstruck...