Tuesday, July 29, 2008

$30k Collection The Pocket Rockets

David v. Goliath. USA v. USSR in Hockey. Petit Filet v. Porterhouse. Sometimes, the smaller things get the job done, give the larger competitor an upper cut to the nuts and the crowd goes crazy when it happens. And when it comes to cars, and car collections, you don't always need more size, more cubic inches or more dollar signs to be quite respected. Quite impressive. Quite the little, bitty thing that over-delivers. And things that over-deliver being in awfully short supply those that do just the opposite deserve to be sought out. And it is with that in mind that I present this $30k Collection of automotive Dustin Pedroias.

2002-2003 Focus SVT. This will take about $10K - $12K. I got to drive a couple of these when I worked as a copywriter at JWT on the Ford account. The base Focus was and is a fun car to drive. But when the boys from Ford's SVT group got bored of adding too much horsepower to the old fashioned Mustang chassis that finally made a proper, modern sports car. With 170 HP, uprated suspension and about 140lb-ft of torque available from a low 2200 RPM the Focus is a great everyday sleeper. The interior is modern and sporty. The looks, not too boy racer. If I was to buy one I would remove the SVT badges and surprise everyone with its excellent point and squirt ability. Overall this is one of Ford's finest products and one I hope to see more of in the future now that SUVs are proven to be as foolish as everyone knew them to be.

1986 Dodge Omni GLHS. Give this $5K and you will get a nice one. Ok, that Focus I was just writing about, well Dodge gave us a car that was its equal 16 years earlier. The Omni GLHS. And no other car has as good a name as this one. "But it is only a few letters" you say. But did you know the GLHS stood for 'Goes Like Hell Some'ore'? It does. And it did. 14.8 in the quarter mile. 130MPH top end. A stout bottom end that can stand mods and more boost for lots more power. These cars will, and I repeat will, double in value in the next few years. Sure it will still only be $10k then but that is not the point. They are super under rated. Super rare. How's 500 made for rare, makes any Porsche seem like a fleet car. And its boxy looks are finally start to come back into style. Me likey.

1957-1975 Fiat 500
. $13K will get the one you want. The Focus and the Omni are actually quick cars able to thrill in any fashion. The Fiat is one of those cars whose numbers should not be looked at. It is the sound, the tiny wheels and the pure connection to the mechanicals that create a sensation of speed that in most situations will be put a smile on your face to equal that of the owner of any other sports car. For $13K you can get a really nice rust free car. One with some Abarth mods. Maybe a 595 conversion. A straight exhaust. And of course, the propped up decklid that acts as cooler or spoiler.

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