Wednesday, July 16, 2008

$30K Collectin Chapter 3

Wow. Check out that logo. I figure anything that I was spending as much time on needed a logo. Now you can see that my background is in copywriting, not art direction. And if you need a logo, do not contact these people. Shameless, they reduce the artist to a machine with the inevitable substandard results.


There must be several million different collections one could put together with a budget of $30,000. The following pages contain a hundred examples. And if you say “pish, posh those are impossible” I must say that all prices are averages taken from actual ads and not supposed expert price guides. There are no one-off miracle 1967 Corvettes found for $3,000. There is no such thing. The collections listed are real and could be put together for $30,000 with a little time within 1000 miles of most peoples homes. And a roadtrip of ten or so hours in a new-to-you classic is an adventure worth having. Bring your Dad or kid. Make it special.

Searching nationwide is a viable option and very easy. Just do your due diligence. The person selling on eBay is not your best friend and as such you should not treat them with trust reserved for such a person. Treat them skeptically. And always pay the $100 for a local garage that specializes in the sort of car you are looking at to do a Pre-purchase inspection whether the car is found in the paper, through specialty magazines or on eBay. (See the index in the back for a selection of places to look.) If you don’t do a PPI as they are called you will be one of the people who moan and groan about owning a collection of vehicles held together with prayers and chewing gum. If you do a PPI and don’t get carried away just because a car has shiny paint but junked internals you will be one of the people who drive a selection of cars as the occasion demands

Get involved with the forums and groups of a particular marque you are after. These collections of helpful people can quickly get you up to speed on any car. Some of the biggest are:
- Porsche - Mercedes, BMW, Porsche - uh, Ferrari - uhhhh, Lotus - you get it

Now, the next time I post. I will give you my first example of a $30k Collection.

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