Friday, August 24, 2007

Not Your Father's Shed

This is no shed for tools. We use it as a workout room, this way the ugly exercise equipment stays out of sight.

We were inspired by Metroshed, Modern Shed and even the newest Neo Shed. But we were also aware that those prices were way out of line.

So we built one ourselves with green materials from ecoproducts in Boulder. Wheatboard, recycled carpet tiles, etc,

It is rather fetching we think.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Chrysler has a new marketing director.

Now maybe they can stop producing male toilet humor jokes. Oh wait, that keeps you from thinking about their crappy product.

Trendy styling and obtuse power are short lived flirtations. Just like going to Hooter's where I imagine they currently cast for their commercials.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


These are my new footwear. They are embossed with a wood grain in the suede. Like clogs. But not clogs.

Dining Service where are you?

Just ate at the much hyped Fruition last night.

The table was wobbly. Fixed after asking.

The service was so slow. Ten minutes after seating before we were offered a drink.

My glass of wine with entree was forgotten. The entree that was cold(fries and beef not too good when cold) because it obviously sat as they tried to finish my wife's Risotta which came to the table piping hot.

Even dessert, at 10pm when the place had maybe ten people left in it struggled for 15 minutes to bring a chocolate cake and scoop of ice cream to the table. Ugh.

I'd go on about the food and how mediocre it was but that is not worth the effort.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Trulli awesome

My friend Kent Clark, I know, just bought a Trulli down in Apullia. Very cool pad. Would like to go visit him someday.
Jim was the second friend I talked into buying a Porsche. The first that kept it for a while. The other guy had some spousal pressure to sell. Anyway, Jim and I flew into Portland and drove to Denver. We were not expecting snow. But we got it hard, the snow was scraping the bottom of the car at times. Poor thing, a 1978 SC with only 48k miles on it, it had never even been driven in the snow before. A super color on this one, Bitter Chocolate.

Check out the video of the drive here.

7th Anniversary

Nickie and I have spent 7 years together today. The traditional gifts are copper and wool. I think a friendly wack with a sock filled with pennies should set us on the right track for another 7 years.

Pinot Gris

I've been drinking this stuff like water the past month. Great body with no oak and not as heavy as a viogner. Get you some.

Please be only 60k for the hybrid

The Panamera is, I think, quite attractive. Much more so than the busy Cayman which I am not fond of design wise. Hopefully they will keep the styling very pure and simple. No vents and spoilers and such. And if the Hybrid is 60k when new, I should be able to afford a used one three years on. So, in 2012 you should see me behind the wheel. Find out more at Wiki.

Article Samples

A few samples of some Porsche articles.

Friday, August 17, 2007

New favorite recipe

Ricotta Gnocchi, So much lighter than regular potatoe gnocchi.

1 16z. Container of Ricotta
A handfull of parsley chopped
1/2 cup of Panko
1 egg plus 1 yolk
1/4 cup of flour
Salt and white pepper.

Combine all of the above lightly with a spatula. Chill for 20 - 30 minutes.

Bring water to a simmer, not a boil as they will break apart.

Lightly flour board. Take a scoop of dough and roll it out with hands until the thickness of your thumb. Cut small 1/2 inch pieces off and cook until floating for 3 minutes. Lift out with a spoon. Great with an olive oil and parmesean sauce. A thick ragu. Butter.

The only 901 left.

Is this the only 901 left?


2001 TT600. My first fast motorcycle. I loved your fuel injection on a cold morning. I did not like your clunky gear change. Me and you at 13k RPMs. That was special.

1993 Ducati 900SS. So pretty and noisy. The best gearbox ever.

Porsches in my possesion.

Some idiots stole you Solid Gold. You got my Christmas tree. You won the Porsche Club Ice Race on Georgetown Lake. You never complained. I picked you up in Indianapolis and drove you home.

Together in the driveway.

My daily driver 1986 951. All original. In front of Proto's in Denver.

Current 911. 1983 911SC. All original. Down to the smell. This is Independence Pass.

Cruiser Bike

Ahh, the 1952 Hiawatha Seminole. Not afraid to mix Indian tribes back in the day. Go ahead, they're all the same right? Not really. But I picked up this rusty but orignal bike for my wife who wanted a cruiser and was threatening to buy one from Paul Frank that was too trendy and too garish. She got me to act though. She's a beauty. Maybe someday I'll get the light to work. It looks quite at home in my hood.



The short of it. Great food. Pretentious service.

A neighborhood restaurant modeled on the cuisine and culture of Friuli is how Frasca bills themselves. The dining room is a bit too formal and so is the service for the food. And the wine. Friuli is a pretty laidback place, this isn't.

NOTE: whatever you do, do not tell the server you have never been to dine at Frasca before. Because she will bore you with a stale geography lesson and insight into why there is a table where you can sit and watch someone cut meat.

Stick to the pastas and shared apps. Head for the "Black and Blue" section on the wine list to try some rustic offerings you have never heard of that are well priced. The heading title of "Black and Blue" is a little off-putting but whatever.

The service was stiff. Stulted. And selly. I hate getting my wine poured when I have not even take a sip from the last time you poured some more into my glass. You are supposed to know about wine Frasca servers. No one likes a full glass. And it may get some rubes to by another bottle of wine but most serious diners will recognize your ploy and adjust intake accordingly.

I'll go back and have the pasta special, a glass of wine and leave.

Writing Partner

This is Pain Train. He will mess you up. No joke. He is at this moment gathering his internal resources to ensure all comers are dealt with appropriately.

The Mystery of 901

Here is a scan of the letter telling Stilven that Roland never made it back to Stuttgart. This letter was sent to me by a contact in the factory.


Technophonic was a trendy word in what 1980? Yet Heineken is inviting us all to have a technophonic experience with a Draught Keg. Yeah right. Besides, watching a woman, even a cyborg type woman, give cesarian birth to a beer delivery device is just silly. And wrong.