Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rainy Day Rarities

I am now on day-car duty because my wife cannot drive for three months. But, it gives me more time with my son, and a whole new crop of cars to spot outside of my normal commute.

Take the past two days. A Rolls Royce Corniche. Yes, they are a bit stodgy, but I like the understated style. Almost bought a hardtop version instead of my MK2. This creamy yellowy tany color was nice.

While this AM, caught sight of an Aston Martin Virage. And with Aston just announcing the rebirth of the Virage nameplate, it was a timely spotting. I like these early 90s Astons. And, they are a real value I think. You can still get them for $30-$40K. Not for long is my call.

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