Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Last Post. Here at Least.

I have decided to shut down this blog after three years, over 400 posts. And a whole bunch of awesome car sharing. It was so much fun. And I am glad that on average, 3,000 people a month from around the work check it out. I will leave all the content up, I just wont be posting more.

But, my new site 
will be taking up all my time. 

I will be posting about cars, racing there too. But it will also be about our time building a new post and beam garage. Yeah! And just restoring and landscaping our new home. Which is actually a converted 1896 dairy barn.

And it is located in Greenfield Hill in Fairfield, CT. So, we will see how the pastural, crew up on the hill react to our ramshackle, creative approach to cars and all.

Please visit me there. 

Kevin Gosselin (aka Faston Hanks)