Monday, November 10, 2008

Faston Finds a Hoard.

Faston finds missing cars. Even in Wyoming. Remarkable shots as reported in Total 911.


993C4S said...


What a great story! How did you find John (or did he find you?) The pictures are very well done and tell the story as well, if not better, than the written word.

Should we be concerned that your alter ego is now taking credit for your stories. :-)

Kevin Gosselin said...

No concerns, though it seems that Faston can't help but find interesting cars.

I found the collector when I saw a car he had for sale had a few more in the background. I rang him up and almost fell out of my chair when I heard the extent of his sickness.

It was a truly remarkable experience walking through the collection.

Anonymous said...

He is now selling cars on Ebay like crazy....a 1973 911T and E.


I am now reading "Hunt for 901", not a bad read. very nicly done as good as the James Patterson novels everybody reads, your book is of course fiction but some good information on cars and food....when is your next novel?