Saturday, September 28, 2013

Barn Kept

A little photo essay from the barn. Some nice fall light and the camera was charged up.

The only true barn find in the bunch is the old wrench that I found in the barn we live in and that I used as a stop for the door lock. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hatch Capacity

I love a 911. But they do lack true daily usefulness.

Just check out my loaded up 968 fresh with 22 6ft 2x4s easily loaded in. Sure you could stuff them out the Targa or sunroof of a 911 but then the A/C would struggle.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Vintage-y.

The dash in the 901 Spitfire looked more circle track than road course. 

It was simply fashioned in aluminum. 

So, I thought a cheap fix would be to spray it with some textured black like many 60s sports cars.

The decision was easy. But removing the dash on any car is not. With mechanical gauges I had to drain the water. And the oil to remove the sensors and pull them out.

But, for a few hours(7) and fewer bucks(6), the dash now just fades back. Yes, to black. 

The modern gauges will have to wait a while. They are accurate and work and I can't justify spending money to go to Smiths or something.

Sorry for the horrible pics.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Positive Selection.

With gear selection, especially while racing, you should feel pretty confident that you are selecting the gear you believe you need to engage.

Not the case this past weekend at Lime Rock Historics 31.

My bushing went from a loose but defined shifter, like a spoon in hot tapioca. To, for my last two races like a straw in water. Nothing to it.

I found out why today.

That nub of plastic pictured that looks like it was a chew toy for a Pekinese was my shift rod bushing. It degraded to the point it fell below the socket it runs in. Combine that with a three part rod with multiple loose bolts and it needed some love.

Ahh, cheap parts. An overhaul kit cost $29. And, it took about 2 hours to install. And hour of which was removing the snap ring on the shift rod.

In the first image. You can see the biggest of the new bushings, it is at least twice as big as the chewed up one.