Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Porsche and Explanation of Lack of New Posts

So, my latest purchase is a new Porsche 997 coupe in Guards Red C2 spec. The one option I did tick off was the plush option. I was at the Porsche dealer buying wiper blades for my 02 Audi(Which is a whole other story about corporate stupidity) when I saw this plush toy for sale. I had to pick it up. Although not as plush as the 924 above courtesy of but it is plush nonetheless.

Which brings me to my lack of posting. Six weeks ago I welcomed my first kid. Graham. He and mom are healthy and he already has a full race suit so he can join me in the paddock at 944 events next season. So, now that things are coming to somewhat a normal level I can again post and dedicate lots of time to all things Porsche.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stolen Fuchs = New Watch

Thank you Mr. Thief. After collecting and then selling my long stolen Fuchs I had some change burning a whole in my pocket. And after having bought my wife a Hamilton Lady Jazzmaster, I had an itching for a nice watch. Or at least a decent one.

I always loved the Porsche Design watches. Some, the automatics are a bit over the top and dressy for me. Not to mention very expensive. And, not being a snob, I am open to a quartz movement. So, I tracked down this limited edition of 911 Porsche 911 To The Core Watch. Mine is number 83 out of the 911 pieces. I love it. Well sized for me. It comes with a rubber band and a fabric strap. The blue is a nice touch, but still subtle enough. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fantastic Paint Mint 996

The folks at Rayco have this fantastic 996 C4S for sale. Kudos to whoever ordered this car in mint green. Man, if I had the money to order a new Porsche I would get no options except paint to sample in a mint green like this or a light blue. Well done. And ouch, if this had maybe 40,000 more miles on it I might be able to afford it.