Monday, July 29, 2013

Quarter, the Way There.

The left quarter is looking rather better these days after a few hours in the hands of the folks at Automotive Restoration.

The old quarter and rear valance cut off. The old trunk lid repurposed into landfill. And the trunk floor replaced with something that has some structural integrity.

In the photos you can see the small patch behind the driver-side wheel that was replaced with a patch panel. 

I think the skilled bodywork will be done this week, so I can come in and do the unskilled labor of sanding. And sanding. And maybe some taping. Although there is a bit of skill in the latter.

Time to order up new race decals! For hopefully the third and final time.

Heat. And Eat.

I think those of us without A/C can appreciate a nice grill or BBQ dinner in the summer more than most.

To have a tasty grilled split chicken with garden herbs that also refrains from adding 1 degree of temperature to the house is luxury indeed.

Also think that this angle looking back at house is one of the better ones.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lambo. Gullwing. Bill Blass.

A few days back I dropped the Spitfire off at Automotive Restorations. It is in some nice company.

An early Countach.

An earlier Gullwing which Graham is checking out the wheel arch on as the car is the earliest extant example and is actually a prototype.

And a Bill Blass edition Lincoln.

Pace. Grace. And space in that order.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rise. Rusty Triumph Lazarus.

Finally tracked down the requisite parts to rebuild the race car. 

Drove up to Portland, CT where encountered the all too often familiar scenario of someone wanting to restore a rusty hulk of a car. And once into the project, realize it is a waste of money and time. Or above their skill set.

But, goodie for me. 15 minutes with Dad and saw-zall had this nice left quarter and rear valance off the car and on the trailer. 

Bully, now to drop it off with the skilled lads who will stitch it onto the 901.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Loo. Before & After.

So, 99% there with the bathroom remodel, so thought I would share the before and after.

Really pleased with how it turned out. Although the floor heat will be months before we can enjoy that petit luxury.

Moving the toilet from 'on stage' to the corner really made a difference in the space and flow of the room.

We tried to tow a fine line between polished and rustic. Otherwise it would stick out like a Porsche at an Aztec show.

Thanks to Greg Kennedy at Kennedy Home for the plumbing, tile and general refinishing of the space. He let me demo it. And carry the heavy things.

Friday, July 5, 2013

I'll Try. Or, Farmer Luck.

Farmer luck. Or show business luck. Or drunk luck. Don't matter. When it comes to competition motor cars I could use some. So, I mounted a horseshoe we found in the yard in our perambulations above the door where I stable the 901.

Back to luck. Usually I am with Samuel Goldwyn thinking, 'the harder I work the luckier I get'. But cars evoke superstitiousness as.