Friday, July 18, 2008

$30k Collection The Imposters

So, you wish to be an imposter. That does not in and of its self constitute a bad thing. As long as you go about it with some cheek and style. A flair that says "I am here to have fun, so piss off if you don't understand." The imposter cars available range from the good to the ugly. Some are almost new cars. Some are tarts with too much makeup. But if you drive it rain or shine and never, ever try to pass it off as the real thing a collection of imposters would be one of a kind kool.

Beck Spyder - This is where almost all of your $30k is going to go. And you will have to hunt to find one that is at the $20k range. But what you will get is a lightweight, fun to drive dedicated fun car. No top, so no worries about tears or cracked plastic windows. The drive train can be modern 4cyl or vintage VW 4cyl. Some are actually running real Porsche engines. But you won't be able to stretch to one of those. Actually an attractive car and deserving of merit all its own. So much more elegant than a Cobra replica.

Fiero Ferrari - What type of Ferrari will you have sir? A Testarossa? A 308? Or a 355? Any of them are yours with $3k and some gumption. The scale will be all wrong. The exhaust note will be all wrong. The steering will be all wrong. But what will be all right will be driving it dressed as Magnum to your next Halloween party. Make it a tradition, amortize the cost out of 5 Halloweens and it starts to make sense. Just make sure your shorts are not to the height that reveals you hairy robin's eggs.

Mercedes Gazelle - Always wanted and SSK but were about $400k short? Then let me introduce you to the Mercedes Gazelle. Most often built, or should I say stuck to, a VW bug or Corvair chassis the Gazelle is the Liberace of imposter cars. Often the ads selling these along say something like, "heads will turn when you drive by." They leave out the fact that they are protecting their eyes. Look for a rarer power train like Steam or Electric. I have seen both. So go retro and green with an Electric powered Gazelle. Just get up to speed on your Charles Nelson Reilly quotes.

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