Thursday, January 20, 2011

Digital MK2 Jaguar. What has the Future Wrought...

Have faith for the future, classic car fanatics. For I believe, if people can render a MK2 Jaguar out of the ether, I feel that we will always some way or somehow be able to get the spares we need to run our classics.

Really, this sort of thing is mind altering to me, to see an artist(yes artist) copy a MK2 on a computer. The power of
Blender is surprising.

Note on my own MK2. It is sitting cozy in the garage. Not driven in a few weeks as Denver has suffered a case of snow and cold that is not welcoming to the old girl. But soon, I shall drive her again. That is after I change her oil and grease her nipples. 

Yes, I bought a grease gun to grease some nipples. Nipple greasing party anyone?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shamed by a 912 Driver

I have nothing against 912s at all. I love them. A 67 912 was my first Porsche and like all aging men I am sure some day I will track down another 912 just like it to relive some memories.

The snow was melting today in Denver but the roads still a bit mushy and soggy and snowy on the side roads so I decided to take my Jeep to work. Well, on the way home I spotted this well-worn SWB 912(you can tell it is a SWB by the position of the torsion bar cover) on I-25. Damn him.

I will drive my 911 tomorrow.

The car seemed to be riding a bit high, and the burble from the exhaust was blowing something fierce but he was still in the fast lane enjoy the drive.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Track Day Vid - How Many Effects Can You Spot

Nothing against my neighbor who shot this video while riding shotgun, I commend him for not getting motion sick, it was a rather boring day just lapping. Nothing like the usual 944 SPEC scene.

So, on a snowy day I spent some time hacking it together and putting more effects on this than a James Cameron movie.

Hope you enjoy the vid and 'The Horror. The Horror.' Soundtrack.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

From Free Track to Fresh Tracks

I think every state and city claims the old weather saw, 'if you don't like the weather, just wait 10 minutes.'

Well, Denver does experience some pretty rapid swings in weather. As evidenced by driving in sunny conditions on the track to trying to not slide my 911 into a parked car as I navigate out of my neighborhood on summer performance tires.

But everyday I don't drive the Wagoneer that I don't have to is a good one. The Waggy is fun, but it sure loves gas. And now that I have the heat working in the SC, it is a much comfier place to be.