Friday, March 12, 2010

944 Balance Shaft Install. 200th Post

Dave at 944 Motorwerks is keeping me up to the moment. He has been installing the balance shaft in the 944. Everyone knows this is a part Porsche licensed from Mitsubishi. But, another interesting thing to note is that some race cars and street 944s have run without the balance shafts.

But, SPEC rules mean you have to run them. And I do not think you gain much power by not using them. Just a lot lumpier idle. 

Also today ordered up a real oil temp gauge and an oil pressure warning light so have the final pieces needed once we get around to install.

Kinda mediocre 200th post. Man, it feels like I have made 2,000 posts. But, not too bad. You keep reading, I will keep them coming.


Dare said...

What is he using to seal the BS cover? That doesn't look like Loctite 574 to me.

Anonymous said...

Probably Anaerobic Permatex. More readily available locally.