Saturday, March 13, 2010

Style & Substance & Tax Write Off - Windshield Banner

We had a mercury-favorable day in Denver today and I was able to uncover the 'ol #901 and install the windshield banner/sunshade I had made at Toby who owns or runs the place was great. Contacted me by email after I submitted my order just to make sure the banner was exactly how I imagined it. Plus, the decal came with a video, an instruction guide, a squeegee and a razor blade. Man, they give your everything you need and then some to do a bang up install.

For like $25 this was a multi-purpose score. One, no sun visors in a race car, so this helps with reducing glare from noon-day sun. 

Two, my car is #901 so this works as another numbering decal.

Three, I can promote my novel Hunt for 901, at every track appearance. I already to that, but this is a visible promotion tool for the IRS. 

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