Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Help...I Am Stuck in My Jaguar

Nothing quite as embarrassing as having to climb out the passenger seat of your classic car in a crowded area.

'Ah, look at that poncy fellow over there, not so show boaty now!' You can imagine the crowd saying.

But, that was the situation I was in when my MK2 driver's side door didn't want to release from the inside. So, take it apart.

Removing the wood door caps was simple. Messing with the spring-loaded roll pins of the window winder and door handle less so. But, after a few nicked fingers, it all came off.

Inside, the mechanism looked fine, but it was 'hanging up' and grating. With no obvious broken parts I slathered the device in WD40 and went to go look for a replacement online.

After a few weeks of searching I could only find mediocre used items. No one reproduces the item. Oh, well. I went to go take off the release mechanism when lo and behold it worked. I guess the old part just needed some lube. So, I greased it up proper and buttoned the door back up.

Got to love free repairs.

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