Friday, December 30, 2011

My P!g Works for a Living.

The truth is, I love my Cayenne.

I really do.

And the nastier the weather or the harder the towing and work, the more I like it.

On a sunny day, with no traffic and open road it is at its worst. It is just a fast truck. But on days you actually use it as a hard-working SUV, it shines.

And I love the looks I get from people when I load up the P!g with sheetrock at the Home-D. A week off has me knocking out a long list of small jobs.

I do admit, my right-side view was a bit compromised with this load. But oh, well.

And, for those who don't go to Rennlist forums. There is a brilliant nickname for the Cayenne.


It is the word pig with the i spelled with an exclamation point. A reference to the codes that the early Cayennes often threw, very often.

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vintage car restoration said...

Good for you then. Just take care of him well.