Wednesday, December 7, 2011

AC/DC's Brian Johnson a Fan of Faston

I nearly fell out of my bed last night when I was reading through the newest issue of Octane when I came across Brian Johnson's column.

In it, he launches into a discussion of high-end automotive recreations by praising my book, Hunt for the Blower Bentley.

I am usually nonplussed about such things. I've had commercials run during prime time sports and television. Seen a billboard of mine in Times Square. Even had dozens of articles published in magazines. But something about unsolicited praise from a true automotive enthusiast was just so awesome. Don't tell my wife, but no Christmas present could top this.

Well, maybe a 993 C4 in white would.

But, if you are on the fence about picking up or downloading a copy, don't hesitate now. A man who races a Lola loves it. You will too.

Whoa, baby baby Thunderstruck...


richd said...

Hey, I was looking through a post of yours from February, you know, I once owned a boattail Riv - '72
- Uncle Rich

richd said...

Am downloading the book tonight onto my Android

DC blower fans said...

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