Sunday, November 13, 2011

Warning Light Overload. B5 A6.

One of the main reasons I like older cars more than newer cars is that the new ones boss you. Especially with warning lights.

On our 2002 A6, a rare 2.7T 6 speed manual MT6 model, when it is low on windshield washer fluid you would think that it was about to explode. It flashes a light and beeps more than a Cameroonian taxi driver.

So, the car was recently throwing an ABS light. A quick scan showed it to be the rear ABS sensor. With a quote of $100 to install the sensor, I decided to save the money and install myself.

It was super easy. The only hard part was trying to lift up the bottom of the rear seat. I could not get it dislodged. I managed to pull the corner up enough to clip and thread in the new harness. A tip here is to 'fish' in the sensor with a stiff wire taped to the end.

One hiccup was that the allen head bolt that fixed the sensor to the caliper did not fit the thicker mounting of the new Bosch piece. Odd, as it was an OEM fitment. So, a quick dig in the old metric bolt pile had me back in action right quick.

Start to finish in under an hour. And that includes some leaf pile jumping with my son.

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