Saturday, November 26, 2011

In Defense of Car Wreaths or Happy Holidays Post

Happy Holidays. Hope you can all squeeze into your vintage cars after the Thanksgiving feasting.

Now, I have for a few years, enjoyed the personality switch that comes with putting a cheery wreath on my classics. I have put them on my 911, Wagoneer and now my MK2.

Some people may scoff and say that the McMansion prowling SUV crowd has ruined the wreath on the car and made it seem more Pottery Barn art direction than grassroots celebration of the season. I disagree.

Anytime you are driving your classic in the winter months is a commitment to the joy of classic motoring. And, to add a bit of holiday polish on top of that is well worth it. My straw pole of looking whiling driving says that I get more smiles and looks with the wreath than without. Many more.

So, source an appropriate wreath for your car, zip-tie it on and get out there.

A final note, check out Jim Clark in 1967, now that is a wreath that is worn well by both car and man.

While Cadillac owners get a pass as they have wreath's on their cars at all times.

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