Thursday, September 22, 2011

1967 British Racing in Color. A Dozen Pics and a Video

This 1967 documentary on the British racing scene is auto-tastic. Really shows how un-polished it was back then. I watched it back to back this morning it is so deliciously filled with the cars we all lust after today.

Incredible machines captured on the grainy film are Terry Sanger's V8 Cortina.The first winged Chapparal and what might be the first ricer car in the paddock - look for the high-winged Morris or some such family car.

There is a five-barrel roll crash by a female Sprite racer alongside lots of sliding Hillmans and Minis.

The drivers look the part too with the suave Graham Hill and tragic Bandini.

You really do owe yourself the 23 minutes needed to watch this film. Might I suggest you do so with the volume up and a Fuller's Vintage Ale or Avery Old Jubilation?

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