Sunday, September 18, 2011

British Car Show Photo Essay - Colorado Conclave 2011

A conclave is a private meeting, or a meeting of Catholic Cardinals, so I really have no idea what a conclave has to do with an open meeting of British cars besides alliteration. But, all you need to know is that the Colorado Conclave is a great gathering of all that is British.

From 3 Deloreans(assembled in the UK), to a delicate Lotus Elite, the show had a wonderful selection of cars. I was there showing the MK2 and promoting my new novel, and trying to keep my son from ruining someone else's car.

Enjoy the photos. From the Marcos that makes the MG look big. The rusty hips of a Triumph. And even an MGA bodyshell waiting for you.

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Gabriele Spangenberg said...

Hey, where do the Jags come from in this blog?