Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Car Spotting - Portland Edition

Apologies for not posting lately. Lots of travel for paying work.

Luckily am in Portland for a week. Incredible beer town. And, a nice patch of weather so some of the quirky cars have come out.

Without pictures I have a seen a pretty Boattail Buick Riviera on its stock wheels. So many have been dubbed out. Also spotted with no pics was an 1800 Volvo wagon looking rather like a hermits house as it had a boot full of junk in it.

But above you can see a very straight and clean Falcon driver. And if the club wouldn't keep you away the suited figure should. While the Baur conversion Beemer looked nice on its minilite wheels. The driver was a bit agressive with top down as it was only 40 degrees at the time.

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