Monday, February 7, 2011

X-Wing Fighter Painted Jeep Portland Car Spotting

This remarkable piece was spotted in the exact same spot as the Baur BMW I snapped a pic of a few days prior. I hope it belongs to the same guy. And I do mean guy, there is no way a woman would own a Baur and this Jeep.

Check out the details of this X-Wing fighter rolling replica. Nice detail on the paneling. The Rebel Alliance symbol is well rendered on the hood. And it looks like it got into a bit of a scrape on the left rear quarter...maybe a run in with a TIE fighter of the Empire?


bill said...

Hey Gosselin do answer comments left for you?

How is Portland is it a bunch of old and new hippy types?

gary said...

Ha! All it needs is an R2D2 sticking out of the roof.