Thursday, January 20, 2011

Digital MK2 Jaguar. What has the Future Wrought...

Have faith for the future, classic car fanatics. For I believe, if people can render a MK2 Jaguar out of the ether, I feel that we will always some way or somehow be able to get the spares we need to run our classics.

Really, this sort of thing is mind altering to me, to see an artist(yes artist) copy a MK2 on a computer. The power of
Blender is surprising.

Note on my own MK2. It is sitting cozy in the garage. Not driven in a few weeks as Denver has suffered a case of snow and cold that is not welcoming to the old girl. But soon, I shall drive her again. That is after I change her oil and grease her nipples. 

Yes, I bought a grease gun to grease some nipples. Nipple greasing party anyone?

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