Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shamed by a 912 Driver

I have nothing against 912s at all. I love them. A 67 912 was my first Porsche and like all aging men I am sure some day I will track down another 912 just like it to relive some memories.

The snow was melting today in Denver but the roads still a bit mushy and soggy and snowy on the side roads so I decided to take my Jeep to work. Well, on the way home I spotted this well-worn SWB 912(you can tell it is a SWB by the position of the torsion bar cover) on I-25. Damn him.

I will drive my 911 tomorrow.

The car seemed to be riding a bit high, and the burble from the exhaust was blowing something fierce but he was still in the fast lane enjoy the drive.


bill said... big deal...I got shamed by a 930 yesterday in Chicago

Paul N. said...

I remember it well. Remember when you punched the accelerator in a Westport parking lot and that old lady jumped 3 feet in the air?