Sunday, January 9, 2011

Track Day Vid - How Many Effects Can You Spot

Nothing against my neighbor who shot this video while riding shotgun, I commend him for not getting motion sick, it was a rather boring day just lapping. Nothing like the usual 944 SPEC scene.

So, on a snowy day I spent some time hacking it together and putting more effects on this than a James Cameron movie.

Hope you enjoy the vid and 'The Horror. The Horror.' Soundtrack.

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longrooffan said...

Nice editing and it looks like you had alot of fun. Your neighbor (for whom you found the Mercedes?) was generous enough to provide many different viewpoints of what goes on out on the track. It was fun. And, while it may be construed as boring, let the spin outs and wreck stay over in NASCAR. Spirited competitive driving is what brings me to sports car racing, regardless of the sanctioning body. Thanks for sharing.