Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Winter Series - Dream Picnics. A Pairing of Alfresco Menus and Cars.

Painting from Kris Wallace, The Picnic.

Despite the fluke of weather that has me out driving with windows down and sleeves rolled up, I know winter is hard upon us in Colorado. As such, I was rolling around a few ideas for articles that would give me a reason to post a few times a month. And I've decided to do a series on picnics.

But not just picnics. Soggy(you do know why they were soggy...) ham sandwiches like the Griswolds ate in Vacation. But proper picnics matched to proper automobiles. Picnics like that featured in To Catch a Thief along with a beautiful Grace Kelly and Sunbeam Alpine.

Maybe I will be able to make a few of the coming picnic pairings a reality someday. Maybe not.

But the fun of just imagining them will be one of my salves, along with Bourbon, to get me through the cold months.

It will also give me an opportunity to write about food and cars together. A joy for me, but according to some of my novel's reviewers a bore. It seems half the people like my book, the other half hate it. Really, some people ought to know if you want the same info about car stats and facts, there are lots of other places to find those out. My writing is not one of them. I respect the facts, but choose to write about the experiences. So much more fulfilling.

So, throughout December, January and February I will put up four 'Picnic Pairings' a month to whet our appetites for cars and good food while most of us are hibernating away. Oh, but don't worry, I am sure my ramshackle collection of cars will give me somethings worth posting about in addition.

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