Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Greetings from Jaguar

Click on the photo for a large version.

With a too rare for me combination of time off+good weather+no chores to do, I was able to just have a little fun today with the Jaguar. Drove around for a bit, grabbed lunch with my wife and son at Park Burger and then spotted this beautifully deserted aggregate plant and thought it would make a good photo.

This was after I nabbed the wreath we had on our front door and zip-tied it to the MKII's grill. I would never have done this in summer what with the car's penchant to run a bit warm, but now that it is cool out, I had no worries. And the enthusiastic smiles that this adornment elicited from passerby showed it worth the effort.

Hope all you out there who read me have an enjoyable holiday season and are able to get your cars out a bit and exercise them. A perfect excuse to enjoy some time away from family.

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longrooffan said...

Right back at ya Kevin