Friday, September 10, 2010

Future Barn Find Graphic

I had a few minutes to spare yesterday so I created this graphic that I think I will print up a few bumper stickers with. I think this would be pretty fun to have on my 87 Wagoneer or the race car.

Also might be inspiration for a new series of posts. We'll see. 


Ben said...

That's sweet. Make one and I'll buy it! It also looks and sounds like the cover of your next book.

993C4S said...

let us know if you print them up. We'll take one. Trade you a T-shirt for it!! :-)

longrooffan said...

Kevin: I definitely am interested in a few of them myself. One for my 86 Comanche, one for each of my two brothers 46 Willys CJ2A and another for another brother's 66 uncut Bronco. A nephew or two might be interested also. I'll take at least ten when as I sit here thinking of my car friends who would want on. Keep us posted.