Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lime Rock 2010 Vintage Fall Festival Pics

One bonus of attending my bro in law's wedding was getting to spend a few hours on Monday at the Rolex Vintage Fall Festival. I signed some books for the nice folks at Green Mountain, then ran around peeking at cars. Sorry for the low rez pics, I only had my iPhone with me.

Nice grouping of a couple of E30s and a Z3 coupe, the latter for sale, in the parking lot.

Renault R5 Turbo, also in parking lot. Man, I thought I wanted one of these until I saw the type of crowd it drew all day. It looked like a comic book convention there were so many plump, bearded dudes wearing ironic t-shirts pawing it up. No thank you.

A man with style. I snapped this pic as the owner walked back to the lot. He owned both of these. One for him and her, he said. Now that is style.

Yes, this is a pink Jaguar MKII 340. It had white leather. It was metallic. I chalk this up to the hot rod shop sticker in the rear window.

This Bugatti that won its class sported so much patina it looked like Mickey Rourke. But like Mickey, it keeps on winning. Should teach me to not sweat my race car looking so nice.

Couldn't resist this picture of what I think is a Ferrari 275 with a D-type Jaguar behind it. Probably two of the better looking GT rear ends ever.

Fish out of water, this large racer on the tight Lime Rock track. But standing next to it I felt more like standing next to a zoo animal. The thing was massive.

This Allard from 1958 just does not do it for me. If anyone likes this, they can't dis 2+2 Jaguars as they have the same Quasimodo look.

A bad pick of a Lotus Cortina.

Passle of racing Alfas.

I was walking through the paddock just after the mixed Formula class race. The driver was just off to the left of this shot. His mechanics yelled up something. I didn't hear what was broken, I just heard the driver's response. "Awww, F&^%"

A polished aluminum Aston Martin. It is a replica of a 1961 GT Zagato. Stunning. It looked like a Nambe store.

A pretty well prepped Fiat 600. I'd ditch the scallops, but other than that, hot.

TZ Alfa's are just wild. They sport the definitive Kamm tail.

A rather fetching pickup parked in the paddock. No idea what the Falls Village Inn is. Or even if it is real.

So now I am taking pictures of spectators? Although not the Goodwood Revival, some people get into the spirit. This guy had the jeans and T. But most importantly he had a vintage 1966 helmet. Oh, he also had a T-bone steak as a tattoo.

Very dented Lotus for sale.

Care for a Talbot, minus the last T? Well, then maybe a $100,000 replica is for you. It is not for me that is for sure. It's proportions were just too small. Find them here.

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mark said...

I love the Renault R5 Turbo, but yeah, if you say it is popular with the big haired big bellied brigade, then I am not sure I want to be part of that. Shame though, it is a great little car with a lot of character.