Friday, February 26, 2010

New 944 Race Motor. Last Great Excuse Gone.

My last really great excuse as to why I was running at the back of the pack is going to be gone. I was using a 140,000 mile original NA engine in my 944 SPEC car. But with a new season coming, and one that includes 3 enduros, I needed to get a new motor. Note I said, needed.

I figured better to do this before the season starts than wait for the inevitable blowing of my 83 engine. 

To start with, I needed a new core. And as 1988 is the hot motor year to have in SPEC because of a tic higher compression and rev limit, as well as improved oiling I hunted down a donor motor. I found a complete 88 engine including AFM and computer on Ebay and had it delivered to Dave Dirks at 944 Motorwerks. Lucky for me, this 944 NA engine specialist lives in CO but does motors for racers across the country.

Dave offers a number of build options, but none too crazy as the rules in SPEC do not allow for much beyond a stock rebuild and mild valve work. Costs range with parts, labor and machine work from 2,000 - 3,000 dollars. And trust me, the vast portion of that is parts and machining. Dave's build rates are very reasonable.

Buying an Ebay motor is a risk but I got lucky. When stripped down all the bores were smooth and in spec. Even all the rods required no resizing. So my build is a straightforward one with a race valve job, micropolished crank and an improved oil pan and baffle. I am also adding in ports for a real oil temperature gauge and oil pressure warning light. You have to protect that new motor.

I can't wait to get a new motor in the car and see where my pace will be at. More info and pictures to come.

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Tim said...

Looking forward to following your progress. Good luck!