Monday, March 1, 2010

Glamorous Author's Life

So, what looks like a convict in a prison shipping room is actually myself signing books a Porsche Book event held at Iconografix in Hudson, WI. 

All those boxes are filled with fantastic automotive literature. I feel a bit inadequate when selling my little novel next to some huge tomes like Excellence Was Expected or the newest Jesse Alexander  photo compilation. Getting to just wander around the stacks at Iconografix was great. But it took a lot of effort to only buy one book out of the dozens I lusted after. Right now, the race car is getting priority over my library. 

But, it was fun time chatting with all the Porsche nuts who braved the cold to show up. And even more fun talking with my publisher Kevin Clemens and owner of Iconografix Tom Warth. Both have wells of auto stories that would probably never run dry.

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