Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stolen Fuchs = New Watch

Thank you Mr. Thief. After collecting and then selling my long stolen Fuchs I had some change burning a whole in my pocket. And after having bought my wife a Hamilton Lady Jazzmaster, I had an itching for a nice watch. Or at least a decent one.

I always loved the Porsche Design watches. Some, the automatics are a bit over the top and dressy for me. Not to mention very expensive. And, not being a snob, I am open to a quartz movement. So, I tracked down this limited edition of 911 Porsche 911 To The Core Watch. Mine is number 83 out of the 911 pieces. I love it. Well sized for me. It comes with a rubber band and a fabric strap. The blue is a nice touch, but still subtle enough. 


993C4S said...

More information please??? What's this about stolen Fuchs? Did I miss a post? What were the from? I have two sets sitting in the garage (both from my '73 911). Am I sitting on some decent cash?? :-)

Kevin Gosselin said...

I had a 951 stolen about three years ago. They found it stripped. I assumed all was over until a week ago when I got a letter from local police to come pick up my property. Sweet, an early holiday present.

And as for your wheels, if they are date matched, go over to pelican parts and turn those aluminum rims into cash. Probably a grand a set.

993C4S said...

Not bad. I'm amazed the police thought to call and hand them back over. I'll definitely think about letting go of a pair. I'll probably hold onto one set. You never know what I might need them for?? I'm thinking Outlaw 356..... :-)