Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vintage Automotive Literature

As an author of an automotive book, I love finding the rare bit of automotive literature. They are the needle in the haystack of poorly produced auto picture books. But they are out there.

And when at Gallagher Books in Denver buying a book for a friend, I found a book for myself. Not the $400 history of the Grand Prix car, but something unique none the less.

A first edition, and I think only edition, of Russell Richardson's Europe from a Motorcar. It is a travelogue of sorts. A bit about the car. But more about the car as change agent. As freedom from the crowds. Even in 1914 when this is written, Richardson complains about too many tourists in big towns.

Track down a copy if you can. The words are solid and the over 30 images delightful.

Picture taken in my newly discovered toilet top light box. The white walls, white porcelain tank and skylight make it perfect for snapping pics of small items during the day. Got a love the glossy finish.

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