Sunday, May 31, 2009

Autopower Roll Cage Arrives

My Autopower roll cage arrived the other day from

It came truck freight and arrived unboxed all wrapped up together. When unwrapped, you can see there are lots and lots of pieces. Including the now needed second door bars for NASA races that have to be welded in. These are the only parts that need to be welded, everything else is bolt in. I figure I will test fit the cage and get it all mocked up and have a mobile welder come over and stack on the four stubs that need to be attached.

The thing is heavy. May have to get more drastic on other weight saving measure now to get down to the SPEC 944 minimum weight. 

Will update when installation begins. 


993C4S said...

you're making pretty fast work of this. Curious if you're keeping a log with time and costs? Would love to know what you have into it at this point from both a time and money standpoint.

Kevin Gosselin said...

Hmmm. Totaling up the costs is a tough. But, I am right around 5k right now.

The time, I would say 80 hours give or take.

I am sure I am not up-side-down on the car yet, so as a hobby it is not that bad of a thing. That is the great thing about 944 SPEC. Its affordability.