Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hood Paint

Since I am stalled waiting for my torsion bars and my roll cage, I decided to tackle a job I really, really did not want to take on.

In a previous post, I showed the compounding and buffing I did to bring back the paint on the Brown Bomber. But no amount of buffing would bring back the paint on the hood. It was chipping off in big pieces. So, I decided to paint it.

But this would entail stripping the old paint off. Chemical strippers are nasty, and I did have the sander, so. I sanded. What a mess. Dusty. Vibrating. Messy. But, with 80 grit paper I was down to bare metal in about one and a half hours.

I then hit the hood with an self etch primer, followed by two coats of filler primer.


Then, paint. Note: White does not cover well. I went through 4 cans of Wimbledon White (the closet to my 911s chiffon white and it does have good racing history, albeit for Ford) trying to get good coverage. I then put on two coats of clear. It turned out...OK. In daylight it looks great. But in the shade, you can see some variation in shading. Plus, some pollen from the cotton trees landed in it. But, it is a track car and it looks racy. So. I am happy. And I have a sore finger from pressing on the rattle cans.

The only paint left to do is the sunroof which is also peeling. I will be painting it red to match the wheels.


Ben said...

I like the Coors badge. Not very concours, though.

Kevin Gosselin said...

No, not very concours. And that makes it more fun. Writing for Coors has paid for these cars, so, a little support for them won't hurt.