Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NASCAR. In the Driver's Words.

I would like to make this post in NASCAR driver speak.

"I'd like to thank the good people, well first, let me say hats off to United and the crew over there for getting me from Denver to Atlanta. And with that, a smooth handoff to the Budget team who gave me a great ride. Clean, all set up and ready to drive. Without Budget, I'd still be walking to the track.

"We got settled in real quick and that is where the folks at Coors took over. Setting up the great food in the infield, giving special access like waving the qualifying flag, and getting shown the line in the pace car provided by Dodge.

"We kept fueled up all weekend with Matt and Dana's pickled products and the entertainment, you know no one does entertainment better than these people, was provided by World of Fireworks. You see a big burst in the sky and all people will know it was World of Fireworks."

But, 'Dega was awesome. Always is. 180,000 strong. 

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