Thursday, October 2, 2008

The First Step is Admitting It. I Am A NASCAR Fan

If you are a hater, then move along. Or, better yet, tune in to a few of the remaining Chase for the Cup races. Don't sit down and watch a whole race straight. Watch it like golf. Put it on in the background, do you chores, start raking leaves, pop in and pop open a Coors Light and watch a few laps. Learn the strategy and skill.

I, for my part, will be in the Alabama. At Talladega. Watching it unfold. Will report the good and bad. Don't count on much Porsche or gourmet food reporting. But do count on some remarkable sites.

Shake and Bake!



993C4S said...

Wow. You my friend are a bigger man than me for being able to admit that.

richd said...

Kev, you are a hoot. I am halfway through 901 and am loving it.

love ya, uncle rich