Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally an Amis Book I Enjoyed.

Martin Amis. One of those big names in literature and literary review. Huge. Massive name. So, I want to read his stuff. I've read lots of his stuff and never enjoyed any of it.

His titles are terrible, boring or non-sensical. "Money", "Rachel Papers", "London Fields". Ugh. Fine writing in all the books, turns of phrase that had me wishing over and over I had thought of them. But they all seemed to plod. I could see Martin at his keyboard, laughing at his own jokes, wit and heritage(my father is Kingsley Amis you see). Reading "Night Train" you envision a sotted Amis, punching away at the keyboard and not laughing at all. Not once. He is too busy pummeling your feelings and weak expectations.

"Night Train" was the first Amis book of the half-dozen I read that kept me up later than I should have stayed.

Voiced by a female police(read the book and you'll understand this sentence construct) named Mike "Night Train" moves along at a great clip. I will not stoop to a train pun. The title has no bearing on the book. At all. If you like detective books. Crime noir. That sort of thing. Pick up Night Train.

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993C4S said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I was just complaining that my reading pile was getting low and light. I'll look this one up.