Saturday, August 16, 2008

Boxster and SC Comparing Backsides

I hadn't taken a picture of my two cars together for sometime. In fact I didn't have one of the Boxster and SC together like I did of my 951(sold) and SC(sold only if I am in dire straits). Now when I look at the two back to back I would say that the Boxster really exudes that special Porscheness. It seems to be a member of the family for sure. The 951 next to the SC looked like some sort of Asian import. Don't get me wrong, I liked it. But the 951 was not very Porschey. The Boxster design though is. At least the first generation Boxster. The 987 I fear has a few too many vents and sharp lines for my taste, a bit Lotus like. Lots of people say the 986, first gen Boxster, was a feminine design. But just look at the SC next to it. It has the same purity and soft flowing curves and no one ever called the SC a feminine design. Porsches for courses I guess. But I am really liking the Boxster as a daily driver. And I admit, I do feel guilty as I type this during a torrential, yet rare, Denver rain storm. The SC is all snug in the garage. The Boxster, it makes do on the drive.

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