Monday, August 18, 2008

Minty. Nutty.

I love pesto. And come the end of summer I make a bunch with the basil we grow before it freezes. And in turn, we freeze it in ice cube size bits and it lasts all winter. A super quick way to make a weeknight pasta a bit brighter. 

But, with an annual gift to my wife from one of her clients of several pounds of macadamia nuts(these people have a grove in Hawaii, must be nice) and a mint bush that thrives like bears in a garbage dump I have made a very nice version of pesto.

To make:
Smash in a pestle a half cup of macadamia nuts.
Julienne 1-cup loosely packed mint leaves and mash in pestle with nuts.
Grate in some hard italian cheese(maybe a quarter cup, more as melty binder in this case than a key flavor component as in traditional pesto)
Drizzle with as much olive oil as you like(the nuts have a lot of oil, so maybe 2 tablespoons) and coarse salt. Stir.

Over anything that swims.
Also makes a nice side to a cheese plate. Especially a brie.
Or, top a salty ham sandwich with it.

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